With the help of your generous support, our donation program has, and continues, contributing to:

  • Operation Underground Railroad, a 501c dedicated to
    fighting child trafficking and sex slavery
  • Red Cross relief efforts for victims of the Nepal earthquake
  • Unicef relief efforts for victims of the Nepal earthquake
  • Unicef
  • Semper Fi Fund
  • Flint (Michigan) Water Fund & Flint WaterWorks Fund

||| Join us for a yoga class, look and feel great...
all while supporting these great causes! |||

How do we decide who to support?  Well, we actually have a team of local kids helping with this noble task.  In 2013 the Cho's Academy Youth Outreach Initiative was launched.  The initiative is designed to educate local kids about our responsibility to give back, the various means in which we can make positive contributions, and to give them the experience of independently organizing efforts and taking action in support of worthy causes.  Ultimately, empowering those involved with the understanding and awareness that their actions make a difference and to be proactive with their efforts.

Each year a small group of volunteers (Annual YOI Team) work together from roughly March through November.  In 2013 the team raised 4k for the Red Cross, which coincidentally timed well to help those in the Philippines devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.  In 2014 the team raised nearly 3k in support of Operation Underground Railroad, an organization dedicated to fighting and ending child trafficking and slavery--as mentioned above additional funds from our donation yoga program also contributed to this organization.

Keep checking back to find out what we do to help those in need... none of which is possible without you!

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We are grateful to be in service, sharing this powerful practice, helping to guide and share peace one breath at a time.  We encourage you to practice and look forward to sharing ours with you.