We offer a variety of classes for you to choose and benefit from.  Each class is for all levels.  Our teachers are experienced and know when it's appropriate to turn it up or down.  You are always welcome to let your teachers know about goals, injuries, preferences and/or experience.



"Vinyāsa" roughly means "to place in a conscious or intentionally ordered manner."  Our Vinyasa class involves flowing through sequenced poses and linking the movements to breath.  Students gain strength and flexibility through the practice but the real goal is to turn our focus inwards preparing the mind and body for meditation.  We draw on the teachings of the traditional Yogic texts, including The Yoga Sūtras, in which the great sage Patañjali sets forth the eight limbs (practices) of Yoga, The Bhagavad Gītā, The 13 Principle Upanishads, and the influential works of the Hatha Yoga lineage.

This class is suitable for all-levels. We keep the format simple enough for beginners but provide optional variations for all levels of abilities. 

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A gentle class with focus on breath and alignment.  This class is great for clearing and focusing the mind, releasing tension and/or stress, recovery from hard training, to care for the neck, back and hips, improving flexibility, and connecting with your genuine self.  Students are carefully guided through basic poses and vinyasas, and offered a few challenging ones to try as well.  We typically close with a short meditation.  Gentle Yoga is appropriate for all skill levels.


Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an ancient practice of yoga, which has a deep scientific base to strengthen the connection between the body, mind and soul.  It is a form of yoga that is at least 5,000 years old, which was brought to the West from India by Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga, in 1969.

Kundalini Yoga brings the technology and personal discipline to awaken one’s higher consciousness, bringing greater balance and harmony to one’s life.  This awareness and balance is encouraged by the practice of pranayam (breath work), specific kriyas (exercise sets), ancient mantras (sounds) and meditations.  Through this practice of kundalini yoga, the soul’s energy, kundalini force, is moved from the base of the spine, where it lays, up the spinal column, feeding the nerves, glands and energy centers (chakras), as it travels up the body.


Held once per month and coordinated with moon cycles for maximum benefit.  Saturdays, 9-1030am. $15 drop-in rate.

2017 Dates: 1/28, 2/11, 3/11, 4/15, 5/13, 6/17, 7/8, 8/5, 9/9, 10/7, 11/4, 12/2.

*Our special 2-hour Spring Equinox event is rescheduled to take place around this year's Summer Solstice.

The gong is an ancient instrument, dating back to 3,000 years, although it is actually thought to have been used for healing and transformation much earlier than that.

The gong creates sound waves and vibrations which are heard and felt in each cell of our body.  It is thought that the sound is heard with the ears and the vibration is felt on and inside the body.  The gong acoustically elevates us to a higher state of awareness and affects the brain waves to bring about changes in the subconscious mind, facilitating a deep, effortless meditative experience.  It is during this time of letting go and relaxing that the benefits of the gong begin to impact the body.

Combining the healing sound of the gong with sacred intention assists one in rediscovering their divine spiritual being and the gifts that knowledge brings.  During this time of self-discovery, transformation and healing occur as one allows the gong to play the universe.

Some benefits of a gong meditation are:

  • Deep relaxation as the mind releases feelings of stress
  • Releases blocks and reduces tension
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Balances the chakras
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Encourages the movement of prana or chi (life force energy)
  • Restores normal vibratory frequencies that are in disharmony
  • Stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning
  • Encourages higher awareness and consciousness condusive to healing

The listener only has to let go and let the sound of the gong do the work as it bathes the body, mind and soul.  Just as we bathe or shower daily to cleanse the physical body of the “stuff” of the day, so too shall we meditate daily to cleanse the mind of what no longer serves us.

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Breathe-Balance-Dance is about getting your body connected to your spirit through the joy of dance. 

How? By blending ballet, yoga, kinesiology, egoscue alignment / breathing, guided relaxation and applied quantum physics.

Created and taught by Laura Rea.

Breathe, Balance & Dance has evolved from teaching people how to dance and how to heal their soul's.

The idea for the class came to Laura after developing a better approach to teaching ballet. The keys she found - the importance of alignment, relaxation and breathing properly - have become the foundation of Breath Balance Dance.

Laura's experience as a psychiatric social worker blends into the class with a focus on strengthening balance physically, mentally and spiritually.
But above all, it is her belief that nothing gets a person to joy faster than dance.  And learning to dance is the culmination of this 1 1/2 hour class. Whether you're a professional dancer or you think you've got 2 left feet, the dance you learn in this class will free you to dance for yourself and release joy.

Learn more about all our teachers in the Teachers section.


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Most classes are donation-based, meaning you may participate by donating any monetary amount that you can afford and believe to be a fair exchange.  Donation proceeds are split equally with teachers, the academy and a variety of charitable organizations carefully selected through our in-house community Youth Outreach Initiative. 
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We are grateful to be in service, sharing this powerful practice, helping to guide and share peace one breath at a time.  We encourage you to practice and look forward to sharing ours with you.