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We know from experience that yoga will impact your life for the better.  With clinically proven benefits such as the examples listed below, now is the time for--and practice of--yoga.

  • Cultivates an Overall Healthy Lifestyle
  • Builds Strength, Improves Flexibility and Aligns the Body
  • Heightens Concentration and Self-Awareness
  • Reduces Stress
  • Strengthens Immunity
  • Heals Injuries & Sickness
  • Complements Athletics
  • Improves Productivity
  • Improves Circulation and Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Assists in Breaking Addictions
  • Regulates Metabolism
  • Improves Sleep
  • Counteracts Depression and Anxiety
  • Boosts Creativity
  • You Will Look & Feel Great

We are truly fortunate to have assembled such a fantastic team of very special, unique and experienced teachers. 
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Most classes are donation-based, meaning you may participate by donating any monetary amount that you can afford and believe to be a fair exchange.  Donation proceeds are split equally with teachers, the academy and a variety of charitable organizations carefully selected through our in-house community Youth Outreach Initiative. 
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We are grateful to be in service, sharing this powerful practice, helping to guide and share peace one breath at a time.  We encourage you to practice and look forward to sharing ours with you.

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